Administrative Fellow- Dolwick Corporate Office

Job Title: Administrative Fellow


Job Code: 170322


The SEP Administrative Fellow is responsible for supporting the SEP leadership team in their mission to provide comprehensive and compassionate care that improves the health of the people we serve. As a multi specialty physician group practice, projects will range in scope and delivery. The SEP Administrative Fellow will be responsible for meeting and/or exceeding organizational goals and objectives related to budget and revenue cycle management and other duties as assigned. The SEP Administrative Fellow is a highly visible position that is always responsible for creating a positive impression with physicians, management, associates, patients and other visitors he/she encounters.

The fellowship program is tailored to meet the needs and interests of both SEP and the Administrative Fellow. It is structured to provide experiential learning in a medical group environment within departmental rotations for varying lengths of time over the year. Fellows actively participate in projects in physician practice operations; meet with organizational leaders; and learn organizational skills.


Please describe the minimum education REQUIRED to perform the position duties.

Minimum: Master’s Degree in Health Care Administration/Health Services Administration or similar (or as a required component to complete the third year of a graduate healthcare program) from an accredited program.

Desired: Experience within the health care industry, such as internships, residencies, fellowships and/or applicable employment is preferred.


Please describe the minimum amount of experience required to perform the position duties.

Minimum: Experience within the health care industry, such as internships, residencies, fellowships and/or applicable employment is preferred.

Desired: N/A


Ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks, knowledge of Excel, Word and Powerpoint and the ability to learn other computer skills. Must have excellent oral and written communication skills, good organizational skills and work professionally with physicians, hospital administration, management, SEP employees and the public. Must be willing to travel to other locations on an ongoing basis. Employee must successfully complete an orientation process that identifies skills needed to practice in their position and in their job assignment. Skill requirements must be met and maintained to ensure employee competency. This is achieved through an annual review of those particular skills and a work improvement plan for any non-compliant area.

  1. Demonstrated ability to work successfully in a team-based decision making culture.
  2. Demonstrated ability to work independently resulting in effective outcomes and on-time performance.
  3. Experience in planning and coordinating multi-disciplinary communications strategies, strategic initiatives, and events.
  4. Must respond and follow through to requests from customers promptly.
  5. Must work carefully and precisely with attention to detail.
  6. Must utilize resources wisely.
  7. Performs duties willingly and with initiative. Shares necessary information so co-workers can do the same.
  8. Cooperates with other departments and work groups.



List any licenses and/or certifications required to perform this position.