• Respect for all,
    right here.

    At St. Elizabeth, Diversity & Inclusion is built on the foundation of Respect for ALL, as well as a commitment to honoring the dignity and diversity of our associates, physicians, patients, families and community members. We recognize that an environment enriched with people from various cultures and backgrounds working together will help us address health disparities and enhance cultural awareness. We include everyone and everything, with no one and nothing left out, so that we can lead the region to become one of the healthiest communities in America.

  • Diversity & Inclusion at St. Elizabeth Healthcare
  • St. Elizabeth Associate Resource Groups

    St. Elizabeth Associate Resource Groups are voluntary associate-led groups designed to serve as resources to our associates and support the organization in creating a diverse, inclusive and engaged workplace. We consider them as vehicles to find, support, engage and develop our associates:

    Women in St. Elizabeth (WiSE)

    Young Professionals


    Multi-Ethnic Diverse Voices

    Neurodiversity Disabilities

    St. Elizabeth-Gateway Alumni

  • St. Elizabeth Associate Resource Groups
  • “For the past 17 years at St. Elizabeth, I have experienced an organization that embraces and appreciates diversity at every level. I’m proud to work for an organization that cares for its community, staff and employees even in the hardest times, such as COVID-19 and the recent surge for justice and equality that has affected our nation. St Elizabeth has always been right here for all people from all walks of life.”

    - Seglitter, Chart Management Technician

  • “In my role at St. Elizabeth Healthcare, I have the privilege of supporting physicians who reflect the community we serve and represent different socio-economic backgrounds, races, ages, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations and religious affiliations. This diversity strengthens our patient care outcomes, enriches our work experience and positions St. Elizabeth as a healthcare leader taking real actions on inclusion and equality.”

    - Michele, AVP, Physician Services & Engagement

  • “The greatest privilege of my career has been the opportunity to be a part of the St. Elizabeth family. I have been afforded vast opportunities for growth and development. St. Elizabeth paid for my master’s degree and rewarded my accomplishments through promotion. Our mission, vision and values are not just words on a wall – they are the guiding force of the daily work that we do at all levels of the organization.”

    - Brandi, SPHR, Sr. HR Business Partner

  • St. Elizabeth diversity celebrations for designated months
  • Diversity Celebrations

    We hold various programs for our associates to celebrate the following designated months. In addition, we focus on improving health outcomes for the various populations, as well as championing diversity and cultural awareness.

    African American/Black History Month

    Women’s History Month

    Minority Health Month

    Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

    Hispanic Heritage Month

  • Language Services

    We are committed to providing care in the primary languages that our patients are most comfortable with. We communicate with Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients using interpretation and translation services to give them meaningful access and an equal opportunity to participate in our services, activities, programs and other benefits. Languages we support include:

      • American Sign Language
      • Arabic
      • Bosnian
      • Burmese
      • Chin Hakha
      • French
      • Fulani
      • Hakka-Hakka
      • Hindi
      • Japanese
      • Khmer
      • Korean
      • Mandarin
      • Somali
      • Spanish
      • Russian
      • Urdu
      • Uzbek
      • Vietnamese
      • Wolof

Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council (DIAC)

The St. Elizabeth Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council (DIAC) serves all of our associates, as well as patients and Northern Kentucky communities. Its goal is to support, promote and champion diversity, inclusion and health equity. We also hold an annual summit for community leaders to discuss new ways to advance diversity and inclusion in the region.